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Refurbished Computers Vs New Computers

ComputersMany persons are apprehensive about using refurbished computers or rebuilt computers. However, when money is the underlying factor affecting choice, then another look has to be taken at used computers.

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A used computer is a good starting unit for students without paying a premium. These will include Desktops, towers, and laptops. many persons feel stigmatized by using a used computer. Don’t be!.

Many would remember when a desktop cost in the vicinity of $3000.00 to $5000.00 and only performed 1/7 the speed as todays computers. Those PCs had a very small hard drive and you would have been pleased as punch to have one …even used.

So buying or using used computers is a good option especially for Students. So lets go to the student’s guide to purchasing Refurbished Computers. or if you prefer, a new one.

A guide to computer safety

Computer safety is paramount when building your system. The computer is a power supply electronic item, meaning that it operates with current supplied by a power supply. In order to avoid any incidents of shock or personal mishap, extreme care must be taken when working with parts and in setting up your computer, so computer safety is a must.

Here is a list of Do’s and dont’s

Make sure that the power supply is unplugged. Some may say to keep the plug in as a method of grounding. I however do not recommend this since accidents can happen. LEAVE the plug out of the outlet to prevent accidentally putting on the current.
Buy an anti-static wrist strap or make sure that you are properly grounded.

Do not remove parts from its anti-static bag before you are ready to use them.

Do not touch electrical contacts on parts with your hands.

Read all instructions before installation.

Stay away from magnets or any item with magnets ie: speakers. Information written on electronic chips are written in code just as your hard drive, This can be easily erased if placed near magnets. Many electronic enthusiasts make this common mistake.

A guide to choosing the best computer cases

Many of you have asked about choosing the best computer cases.If you are on a budget and is building your own cheap computer.Then you will need to decide how much you will like to spend on your computer case.
If you follow your planning, this should not be hard to determine.

case details

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of computer cases on the market.Many different makes and models. They come in three main sizes or configurations. They are:

The full tower case
The Mid Tower case and
Mini case

A plain case is adequate for building a computer. These are the cheap computer cases. But there are several other types of cases. From those that light when you put the computer on, to those that use water as the cooling agent. Yes, just like your car cooling an engine. These can be quite expensive.

Before you decide on a case, there are a few things that you will want to consider.

  • Neon case
  • What size of case is needed?. Not too small…Not too big.
  • What Drives will you need to accommodate?
  • How many external drive bays are needed…CD/DVD?
  • How many 3.5 drive internal drive bays will you need?…Hard drives.
  • Will you want to expand later?
  • Would you want to put it on the desk or on the floor or under the desk…will it fit?
  • How many extra cards you will want to buy?
  • Do you want ease of access to the USB audio and video to the front of the case.
  • What do you want to spend. This is the main underlying factor for some persons.
  • Cases costs anywhere from $29.00 to $350.00 . The best computer cases cost the most, so choose wisely.

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